Hybrid In-Class & Online Flexibility

Accelerated MBA Program

Students can expect to complete the entire MBA program in just 1 year. Earning an MBA in 1 year allows you to quickly accomplish your career goals. Unlike other online MBA programs that can take 2 years or longer, our 1 Year Online MBA program is completed in just 12 short months.

Additionally, you can continue working full-time because our program does not require you to be available Monday-Friday during the normal business day.

Hybrid Online & In-Class Structure

Students who are local to Central Ohio and Northeast Ohio can opt to enroll for in-class courses for a physical in-person learning experience. Ashland University teaches MBA courses with the same faculty and professors for in-class and online learning. As a result, local students can enroll for classes at the Ashland University main campus, or at our Cleveland or Columbus MBA Center.

If you’d like to take classes online but still prefer a classroom setting, you may be able to register for synchronous classes throughout a given semester or term. Synchronous classes are almost like a virtual classroom, where your entire online cohort logs in at one given time for a lecture.

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Online MBA Program

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Mobile Learning

Continue your MBA education both online and on-site.

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