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Financial Management MBA


Our specialization in Financial Management provides a global perspective to financial markets, risk and return. Students experience real world capital budgeting exercises, valuation of domestic and foreign securities, corporate financial management, foreign currency valuation, and currency risk hedging. Special emphasis is placed on corporate financial management, emerging financial markets and global financial management. Students learn how transition economies join the wave of globalization through liberalization of financial markets, deregulation of industries, and relaxation of policies governing foreign direct investment.

Courses & Structure:




  • MBA 560 – INVESTMENTS – 3 hours – This course is designed to improve students’ understanding of the fundamentals of money and capital markets and how it relates to personal investing. During this course, we will discuss stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Students will gain a better understanding of equity and income security pricing models. Construction of an investment portfolio will also be developed. This course will require students to develop their own investment strategies through the management of a group of investments.


  • MBA 561 – EMERGING FINANCIAL MARKETS – 3 hours – This course focuses on the characteristics of financial markets, instruments, and practices in transition economies where economic liberalization and financial deregulation have recently been implemented as a strategic response to globalization.
  • MBA 562 – GLOBAL FINANCE – 3 hours – This course focuses on the risks involved in financial operations in a global setting and identifies the techniques required in measuring and minimizing those risks. Topics in multinational finance, foreign exchange, risk management and financing the foreign operations are emphasized.
  • MBA 564 – FINANCIAL MARKETS TOUR (CHICAGO or NEW YORK CITY) – 3 hours – This course is to help the MBA student understand the different vehicles and instruments available for the investor and how they are traded, purchased and sold, in the market place. It is designed to emphasize the institutions that create markets for investment purposes. This course will culminate in a tour to Chicago/New York to visit the financial districts.

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