Sport Management


The Sport Management specialization is the specific application of business concepts to the field of sport. It consists of a 9-hour grouping of three classes designed to meet the accreditation guidelines established by the Committee on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). This specialization provides students not only with the critical skills necessary to succeed in the sport industry, but numerous field experiences to apply those skills in “real world” sport settings. Faculty work closely with students to provide a quality learning experience in the sport organization of their choice.

Who Will Benefit From This Program:

Those interested in a variety of in-demand positions in the areas of professional sports, intercollegiate and high school athletics, campus and municipal recreation, sport marketing and promotions, sport administration, and facility and event management.

Courses & Structure:


  • SMG 572 – SPORT MANAGEMENT – 3 hours – This is a survey and field experience course that deals with the administration, leadership, philosophy, standards, policies, and procedures for implementing sport and recreation programs. It focuses on the development of an understanding of administrative analysis and its relationship to decision making. The field experience component of the course requires students to work in a setting appropriate to their area in sport with a cooperating supervisor appropriate for the program. The field experience allows students to engage in a major project which involves problem identification, analysis of related research, development of a process or procedure to address the problem, development of an evaluation process and preparation of a project product.
  • SMG 574 – SOCIAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN SPORT – 3 hours – This course is an historical, philosophical, and sociological examination of ethical and social issues related to sport in its dimensions as play, competition, leisure, education, and work.
  • SMG 580 – SPORT MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS – 3 hours – This course is an examination of the marketing and promotion of professional, intercollegiate, and recreational sport. The course will explore aspects of marketing and promotion that are unique to sport.

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